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Finis Footbooties
Finis Footbooties Make sure your foot stays comfortable when wearing fins with these footbooties that can be worn under fins to avoid chafing. > Finis Footbooties > Wear under fins > Prevent chafing > Finis logos > NeopreneFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.c..
194 грн.
Finis Footbooties Junior
Finis Footbooties Junior The Finis Footbooties Junior are ideal for preventing chaffing and adding comfort when using fins. Swimming Accessories > Finis > 2 Booties > NeopreneFor our full range of Footwear visit birka.clubProduct code: 884019..
194 грн.
Finis Snorkel Cap Senior
Finis Snorkel Cap Senior The Finis Snorkel Cap Senior is designed for lung conditioning while snorkelling, it increases the ability of muscles to work better when oxygen levels are low. Swimming Accessories > Hypoxic training > Replicates higher altitude workouts For our full range of Water ..
275 грн.
Finis Fins Inf 53
Infants Swimming Fins These Kids Finz are ideal for getting the little ones used to the water and swimming correctly. The fins are easy to put on and take off whilst offering comfort and flexibility. > Kids swimming fins > Engineered for small feet > Soft polyvinyl material > Adjustabl..
648 грн.
Finis Forearm Fulcrum Paddles
Finis Forearm Fulcrum Paddles These Finis Forearm Fulcrum Paddles, are a great way to develop early vertical forearms and increase stroke efficiency. > Paddles > Promotes early vertical forearms > Teaches a high elbow position > Open, figure eight shaped design > Focus on technique ..
648 грн.
Finis Junior Fins
Finis Junior Fins These Finis Junior Fins, will help your little ones learn a proper horizontal body position and gain them confidence in the water. > Fins > Engineered for small feet > Soft polyvinyl material > Adjustable hook and loop tape heel strap > Finis branding For our full ..
745 грн.
Finis Zoomer Fins
Finis Zoomer Fins These Finis Zoomer Fins, are a great way to build leg strength and train your legs for speed and endurance. > Fins > Improved foot pocket > Blade stiffness > Build leg strength > Short blade > Closed heel design > Blade angle > Ankle flexibility > 100% ..
1 555 грн.
Finis Zoomer Z2 Fins
Finis Zoomer Z2 Fins These Finis Zoomer Z2 Fins, features a comfortable fit with a 100% rubber construction with a short bade which encourages you to kick faster. These Fins also feature a fluid separator at the top of the fin which allows the foot to easily slice through the water while reducing ..
1 555 грн.
Finis Edge Fins
Finis Edge Fins The Finis Edge Fins are the ultimate swim training aid for speed training and are designed to optimise training without interrupting a natural kick cycle. This comfortable pair of swim fins will build cardiovascular endurance and target key muscle groups, making them ideal for squa..
2 915 грн.
Finis Rapid Mono Fin
Finis Rapid Mono Fin This Finis Rapid Mono Fin, is designed for teenagers and adults, the large single blade helps swimmers learn the proper undulation in the water and obtain a great core and leg workout. > Mono Fin > Flexible blade > Patterned single blade design > Build leg and core ..
3 744 грн.

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