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Catfish 8mm Rubber Bead
Catfish 8mm Rubber Bead The Catfish 8mm Rubber Bead is a black rubber bead with a 1.5mm bore to accommodate heavier lines required for cat fishing. Catfish 8mm Rubber Bead > 15 beads per pack > bore 1.5mm > 8mm beadsFor our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 9..
115 грн.
Catfish Rig Rattle 6pk
Catfish Rig Rattle 6pk The Catfish Rig Rattle 6pk are threaded on to the hook lengths and create sonic vibrations in the water which predator fish home in on. These work well with live baits, worms and leeches. Can also be added to lures with amazing effects. Catfish Rig Rattle 6pk > Availabl..
115 грн.
Catfish Stiff Rig Tube
Catfish Stiff Rig Tube The Catfish Stiff Rig Tube is high quality supple silicon rig tubing in olive green Catfish Stiff Rig Tube > Assists in creating neat knots For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 942779..
132 грн.
Catfish CatoCopter Rig
Catfish CatoCopter Rig The Catfish CatoCopter Rig is effective in deeper waters but can also be used in shallow waters. Supplied as a made up kit with explanation and diagram on how to use. Catfish CatoCopter Rig > Supplied with instructions > Ready to use For our full range of All Termin..
214 грн.
Catfish Pikesafe Wire
Catfish Pikesafe Wire The Catfish Pikesafe Wire is ideal for catfish hook links if you are fishing a water with very high pike population or at a venue where fishery rules dictate the use of wire traces with live baits. Being very easy to make simply twist the wire and heat with a lighter to seal..
346 грн.
Catfish Tough link Fluoro
Catfish Tough link Fluoro The Catfish Tough link Fluoro is new and improved catfish hook link material, soft and supple, yet with brilliant abrasion resistance to stand up to catfish teeth. Catfish Tough link Fluoro > 44 lb tough link > 25 meter spoolFor our full range of Hooks visit birka.c..
494 грн.

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