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Все товары бренда Carp Kinetics

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Carp Kinetics 6 Tied Rigs
Carp Kinetic 6 Tied Rigs These Carp Kinetic tied rigs come in a pack of 6 and are ready tied for carp fishing. > Carp tied rigs > Pack of 6 > Ideal carp fishingFor our full range of Fishing Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code: 942273..
195 грн.
Carp Kinetics Kin Chain Bobbin
Carp Kin Chain Bobbin The Carp Kin Chain Bobbin is a Adjustable sliding weight enabling you to instantly adjust the sensitivity of the indicator. Carp Kin Chain Bobbin > Line friendly clip > Eazi-slide hang tag > Stainless steel > Adjustable weight systermFor our full range of Carp Fis..
200 грн.
Carp Kinetics 2.2m Landing Net Handle
2.2m Landing Net Handle This Carp Kinetics 2.2m Power Handle is a very strong, all-rounder and the perfect addition for any angler. > 2.2m Power Handle > Easy grip > Telescopic > Plastic bung > Universal screw > Strong fibreglass designFor our full range of All Fishing Nets visit..
300 грн.
Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick
Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick These stylish Carbon FX Extending Bankstick are slim-profiled and are finished in a carbon effect, they have strong bullet points and the adjusting knob can be tightened extra-firm thanks to a groove - simply use a coin - to ensure they remain at the d..
285 грн.
Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill
Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill A must-have for all carp, specimen, and match anglers, this incredibly useful bit of kit drills through hard baits quickly meaning you can prepare loads of hookbaits in just seconds. It comes with two ultra fine drill bits that allow you to drill through pellets a..
304 грн.
Carp Kinetics Konnection Line
Carp Kinetics Konnection Line The Konnection Line range comprises two camo patterns for stealth in the water with two-tone Weed Green and Clay Brown, plus an invisible Fluoro designed to disappear in even the clearest of water conditions. The fluorocarbon coated version is a fast sink mono and lik..
435 грн.
Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher
Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher The Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher makes smashing those hard boilies and particle an easy task, easy to use and ideal for any angler. Make it a part of your Tackle. > Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher > Easy to use > Boilies, nuts and particles > Blender > H..
536 грн.
Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit
Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit The Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit has been selected to cover all baiting or rig situations and ideal for pitch black nights. Not one needle does everything and with this set it will ensure that you can use the right needle for the job. > Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit &..
603 грн.
Carp Kinetics Fusion Expert Carp Rod
Carp Kinetic Fusion Expert Rod The Fusion Expert Carp Rod is the best selling carp rod in the UK. Designed with top UK carp anglers. The rod incorporates cutting edge technology. Reinforced carbon weave, braid tested guides, double legged eyes all these features and a slim blank. > Carp Fishing..
703 грн.
Carp Kinetics  Eva Fishing Boot
Carp Kinetics Eva fishing Boot What can be said about the Carp Kinetic Eva Fishing Boot a boots a boot, not in the case of these EVA boots. These are lightweight warm and durable with a removable inner fleece lining and draw cord top enabling you to close out the cold air. Carp Kinetic Eva Fishing..
804 грн.
Carp Kinetics 5 piece set
CK Fusion Carpers 5 Piece Set Everything you need to brew up and cook on the bank! Included in the Carpers 5 Piece set is a kettle, frying pan, two deep pans and a lid that fits all three. > Carpers 5 piece set > Anodized aluminium > Rubber coated handles > Inter-fitting set for compac..
1 004 грн.
Carp Kinetics Recovery Weigh Sling
Carp Kinetics Recovery Sling The Recovery Weigh Sling is a must for the angler who likes to take care of the fish. Designed to transport the fish from your unhooking mat to the scales and then back in the water. Also with the floatation aides built in it is perfect for holding your possible PB unt..
1 339 грн.
Carp Kinetics Fx Bite Alarm Set
Carp Kinetics Alarm Set The Carp Kinetics Alarm Set offer supreme quality and function! The tune, volume and sensitivity adjustment on the alarms produce a set up you will be glad to own as it continues to outperform competition. The pack includes 3 alarms, 3 bobbins, 3 butt caps and batteries are..
1 473 грн.
Carp Kinetics Track Barrow
Carp Kinetics Track Barrow The Carp Kinetics Track Barrow is one of the most versatile fishing barrows on the market, it can be used with the majority of barrow bags and luggage systems. Unlike other Carp Barrows on the market it doesn't compromise on strength thanks to over seven reinforcing bars..
2 946 грн.
Carp Kinetics Kinetics 3 Rib Bivvy
Carp Kinetics 3 Rib Bivvy The Carp Kinetics 3 Rib Bivvy is a great piece of kit. Super spacious yet easy to erect, pram style bivvy its 1,000 mm PU coating ensures you will remain completely dry no matter how hard the rain falls, and the three rib design means stability is guaranteed. It comes wit..
5 580 грн.
Here you can browse through a fantastic range of products from Carp Kinetics including fishing apparel, bags, reels, rods and floats. The clothing products from this brand come in a great range of sizes, from S to 5XL. For more gear check out our fishing page here.

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