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Berkley Trilene Line
Berkley Trilene Line The Berkley Trilene Line is a float line which has been specifically designed for the UK market. Strength and low memory for superior casting and trouble free performance Superior manageability due to no twists and kinks in the line Super strong line that will give you confid..
110 грн.
Berkley Xl Line
Berkley Xl Line The Berkley Xl Line minimizes kinks and twists to provide a smooth, easy casting monofilament line that works for a variety of baits and techniques. Built with incredibly low memory, the Berkley Trilene XL Clear offers cast ability and superb knot strength. The Berkley Trilene XL ..
110 грн.
Berkley Sensation Line
Berkley Sensation Line The Berkley Sensation Line is combined with its small diameter make this multi-polymer a reliable and manageable line choice. The Berkley Trilene Sensation Professional Grade in Green possesses a high abrasion-resistance and remarkable knot strength that will stand up to the..
165 грн.
Berkley Xl Float Line
Berkley Xl Float Line The Berkley Xl Float Line is Our limpest line in the Berkley range so far. It’s limpness provides smooth handling, supreme manageability and easy casting. The line is based on the famous Trilene XL formula that has set a world standard. The Polymers used to create this perfe..
165 грн.
Berkley EZ Fluoro
JSpiderwire EZ Fluoro The Spiderwire EZ Fluoro have now never been so affordable! Spider EZ range is specifically made so that every angler can afford quality Fluorocarbon. It is perfect for coarse fishing, carp fishing, saltwater and game applications and spinning. The fluorocarbon is a fine dia..
329 грн.
Berkley XTS Red Line
Berkley XTS Red Line The Berkley XTS Red Line is a strong saltwater mono spooled in bulk with a high shock resistance and super abrasion resistance ideal when fishing from the boat or the shore. Berkley XTS Red Line > Ultra smooth > High impact > High knot strength > Super abrasion r..
428 грн.
Berkley Big Game Line
Berkley Big Game Line the Berkley Big Game Line is the ultimate big game line which has helped catch countless record breaking fish and it's easy to see why it's popular with our customers. Berkley Big Game Line > Hi-impact > High shock strength > Amazing knot strength > Superior handl..
494 грн.
Berkley Whiplash Pro
Berkley Whiplash Pro The Berkley Whiplash Pro is a super strong thin braided multi carrier superline that is ideal for all anglers. Berkley Whiplash Pro > Moss Green > Ultra fine diameter and low stretch > 100% PE Dyneema > Ideal braid for spod use, marker use, carp main line, spinning..
1,844 грн.

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