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LifeSystems Aftersun
LifeSystems Aftersun This LifeSystems Aftersun is a summer essential that everyone should be using! Perfect for after sun use as it helps to maintain moisture, stop peeling and repair damage to the skin. Finished with Aloe Vera, shea butter and and vitamin E oils for a more effective cream and fee..
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205 грн.
Unbranded Essential Flat iPhone 5 and 6 USB Cable
iTech Essential Flat iPhone 5 and 6 USB Cable This iTech Essential Flat iPhone 5 and 6 USB Cable is perfect for charging your phone and synching data, whilst the cable has a length of 90cm. > USB Charger > 90cm > Hi-Speed USB > To be used with the iPhone 5 and 6 modelsFor our full rang..
223 грн.
Dunlop Continental Adapter
Dunlop Continental Adapter This Continental plug adapter is a must have for your holidays so you can convert all UK two pin and three pin plugs to foreign sockets easily. > Dunlop Plug Adapter > Perfect for holidays > Max 71/2A 110-250vFor our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka...
167 грн.
Dunlop Transworld Adaptor
Dunlop Transworld Adaptor The Dunlop Transworld Adaptor is ideal for any regular traveller, converting UK plugs into foreign sockets. > Plug adaptor > Converts UK plugs For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750868..
167 грн.
Dunlop Luggage Strap
Dunlop Luggage Strap This Dunlop Luggage strap is perfect for any type of case or bag. It features quick release buckles as well as a fully adjustable strap that fits any purpose. > Dunlop Luggage Strap > Fully adjustable strap > Quick Release buckles > Nylon For..
200 грн.
Cambridge Bamboo Mug
Cambridge Bamboo Mug Enjoy a brew on the move with this Cambridge Bamboo Mug which has a rubber lid with a small opening to safely consume your hot drinks whilst moving and the textured rubber band allows you hold the mug without burning your hand. > Bamboo Mug > Eco friendly > Rubber lid..
201 грн.
Dunlop Luggage Tags
Dunlop Luggage Tags The Dunlop Luggage Tags are a simple and easy way for you to identify your luggage when on your travels. These luggage tags have space inside for your to write your name, address and telephone number with a snap and close cover to cover these details. > Luggage tags > Sna..
201 грн.
Dunlop Money Belt
Dunlop Money Belt This money belt is thin and lightweight making it perfect to wear under clothes so it's not visible to passers by, featuring an adjustable material waist strap for a great fit and a large zip compartment for storing all your cash or essential items. > Travel Money Belt > Ad..
201 грн.
Dunlop Tooth Brush Shield
Dunlop Tooth Brush Shield The Dunlop Tooth Brush Shield are great for protecting your toothbrush in your wash bag and attach to most toothbrush heads. > Toothbrush > Pack of 4 > Attaches to most brush heads For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750973..
201 грн.
Rangers FC Neck Pillow
Rangers FC Neck Pillow The Rangers FC Neck Pillow is perfect for long journeys in the car or on a plane, featuring a velveteen finish with a blow up valve to the side, finished off with the Rangers crest printed to one side. > Neck pillow > Blow up valve > Velveteen finish > Rangers lo..
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316 грн.
Rangers FC Passport Holder
Rangers FC Passport Holder The Rangers FC Passport Holder features clear plastic sleeves to hold your passport in place. This Passport Holder is completed with faux leather front with metal corner details, finished with the Rangers logo. > Passport Case > Leather look > Metal corner..
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281 грн.
Dunlop Earplugs
Dunlop Earplugs The Dunlop Earplugs have been constructed from a soft foam material that can be rolled down to fit gently into the ear canal, once in place the plugs will expand back out to their original size eliminating unwanted noise. > Foam ear plugs > Pack of three > Foam constructio..
234 грн.
Life Venture Soap Leaves
LifeVenture Soap Leaves Ideal for travelling light, the LifeVenture Soap Leaves conform to airport standard and are simple and easy to use. You only need to lather the soap leaves in water and rinse. > Soap leaves > Dissolvable > Just add water > Airport friendly > Contains 50 leave..
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263 грн.
Life Venture Venture All Purpose Soap
All Purpose Travel Soap Suitable for self-cleaning, cutlery and pans and clothing, the LifeVenture All Purpose Soap is a perfect travel accessory in a handy to use bottle. This all purpose soap is concentrated and has a pH balanced bio-degradable formula. > All purpose soap > pH balanced >..
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321 грн.
Dunlop Key Locks
Dunlop Key Locks Keep your luggage safe with the Dunlop Key Locks with a bright coloured casing so you can easily identify your luggage. > Trvel padlocks > Purple casing For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750884..
234 грн.
Dunlop Visitor Adaptor
Dunlop Visitor Adaptor The Dunlop Visitor Adaptor is perfect for any visitors to convert foreign sockets in seconds. > Plug adaptor For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750880..
234 грн.
Stuf FC Luggage Tag and Strap
Rangers FC Luggage Tag and Strap The Rangers FC Luggage Tag and Strap has a simple design with the Rangers club name printed to the strap along with the club crest printed to the clip. This Rangers tag and strap set also comes with a removable tag that has space for a name, address and telephone n..
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366 грн.
Travel Mug With Handle
Travel Mug With Handle Everywhere you go, always take a beverage with you thanks to this Travel Mug With Handle which will help keep your drinks warm and the ergonomic handle gives you the grip needed to avoid any spillages. > Travel Mug > Ergonomic handle > Hand wash > Flip cap > 2..
234 грн.
Unknown Mains Micro USB Charger
GVC Mains Micro USB Charger Charge all of your micro usb devices with this GVC Mains Micro USB Charger. Simply plug in and the led light will flash to indicated charging has begun. > Charger > 1000 maH > UK mains plug > 1.2m cable > Micro USB devices > LED light For our full rang..
234 грн.
Life Venture Brass Padlocks
LifeVenture Brass Travel Padlocks The LifeVenture Brass Padlocks are ideal for keeping luggage safe, supplied with 3 keys to ensure you'll never get yourself locked out along with a handy keyring to keep your keys safe. The pack of two padlocks are perfect for keeping your belongings safe. > Pa..
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382 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellant
LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent This LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent has been carefully formulated to work effectively while being gentle to skin and remaining DEET free! The mid-high strength formula gives protection against mosquitoes, horseflies, sand-flies, ..
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367 грн.
Wenger Laptop Bag
Wenger Laptop Bag Видео обзор: Keep your laptop safe from harm with this stylish Wenger Laptop Bag. > Laptop bag > Large padded zip pocket > Spacious secondary zip pocket > Wenger branding > Textured feel > Slender lightweight design > Not machin..
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521 грн.
LifeSystems Tick Remover
LifeSystems Tick Remover This tick remover is a must have for all hikes and holidays, featuring a 3x magnifying lens to easily identify ticks, bee stings, splinters or thorns. The tick remover card benefits from a credit card size so you can store it easily in your wallet and two different sized n..
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328 грн.
Dunlop Inflatable Travel Pillow
Dunlop Inflatable Travel Pillow These travel pillow is perfect for staying comfortable on long car, train or plane journeys, featuring an inflatable construction with a soft material covering for a great feel. > Dunlop Travel Pillow > Inflatable > Soft feel For our full range of Travel Ac..
301 грн.
Unknown Iphone 4 Mains Charger
GVC Mains Micro USB Charger Charge your iPhone4g/4S with this GVC Iphone 4 Mains Charger. Simply plug in and the led light will flash to indicated charging has begun. > Charger > 1000 maH > UK mains plug > 1.2m cable > Iphone 4g/Iphone 4s > LED light For our full range of Gloves ..
301 грн.
Dunlop TSA Lock
Dunlop TSA Lock The Dunlop TSA Lock is great way to keep your luggage sage with a three dial combination. This small padlock has a blue out casing so you can identify your luggage more easily. > Lock > Three dial For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750914..
335 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Plus 50+
LifeSystems Expedition Plus The LifeSystems Expedition Plus 50+ is designed to provide up to 10 hours protection with a high strength formula complete with a bite inhibitor for high risk areas. This insect repellent is designed to repel: > Insect Repellent > Mosquitoes > Horseflies > S..
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527 грн.
Hot Tuna Tuna Wash Bag 64
Product code: 705595..
385 грн.
632 грн.
Miso Wash Bag
Wash Bag by Miso > Ladies Wash Bag > Zip fastening > Pack away beauty bag > Hook for easy hanging > Multiple compartments > All over print > Carry handle > Miso branding > H:19cm. W: 23cm, D: 7cmFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct cod..
385 грн.
632 грн.
LifeSystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm
Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm This Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm is perfect for soothing the discomfort and itching of bites and stings featuring a natural wick hazel extract to reduce irritation. This Bite and sting relief balm cools and soothes bites and stings making it ideal ..
401 грн.
459 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Plus Insect Repellent
LifeSystems Insect Repellent The LifeSystems Expedition Plus Insect Repellent is a maximum strength, concentrated insect repellent with bite inhibitor for added protection in an easy to use pump action. Designed to provide over 10 hours protection, this insect repellent repels mosquitoes, horsefli..
401 грн.
585 грн.
Dunlop Memory Foam Travel Pillow
Dunlop MF Pillow This Dunlop Travel pillow is constructed with memory foam that contours to the shape of your neck for complete support and personal comfort. > Travel pillow > Memory foam construction For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750954..
502 грн.
753 грн.
Karrimor Wash Bag
Karrimor Wash Bag The Karrimor Wash Bag comes in a compact size that makes it great for storing away when travelling, it features a large main compartment with a small internal mesh pocket with a removable plastic mirror. This wash bag also has two carry handles and a welded seam, finished off wit..
535 грн.
803 грн.
Dunlop Sleeper Travel Pillow
Dunlop Sleeper Travel Pillow The Dunlop Sleeper Travel Pillow is perfect for long journeys, offering cushioned support to the neck with a foam fill and soft fleece outer fabric. > Travel pillow > Soft fleece fabric > Wrap around the neck > Foam filled For our full range of Travel Acces..
536 грн.
Life Venture Money Belt
LifeVenture Money Belt Comfortable and practical with a stylish edge the LifeVenture Money Belt provides a perfect travel accessory for improving piece of mind and safety! The hidden zip pocket doesn't protrude or stand out making it perfect for storage of money and other small valuables. Complete..
569 грн.
849 грн.
LifeSystems Chlorine Diox Tablets
Chlorine Diox Tablets The LifeSystems Chlorine Diox Tablets are essential for treating water, designed to kill pathogenic and protozoan cysts in water with maximum effectiveness. > Chlorine diox tablets > Kills both pathogenic and protozoan cysts > Treats up to 30 litresFor our full range..
636 грн.
722 грн.
LifeSystems Portable Bug Killer Unit
Lifesystems Portable Bug Killer Unit Reduce those annoying insect bites at night with the Lifesystems Portable Bug Killer Unit, thanks to the one cartridge lasting up to 6 days in a single room, complete wit Lifesystem branding for a great look. > Bug killer > Battery powered > Kills mosq..
636 грн.
722 грн.
Gelert Single Mosquito Net
Gelert Single Mosquito Net The Gelert Single Mosquito Net is perfect for all your travelling or camping trips keeping mosquito's and insects out! This mosquito net can easily be hung up by the tie cords for easy use. > Mosquito net > Protects against the smallest bugs > Includes hanging l..
669 грн.
1 004 грн.
Dunlop Digital Scales
Dunlop Digital Scales The Dunlop Digital Scales are great for quickly checking the weight of any small items before you go on your travels. > Digital scales > Lightweight > On/Off button For our full range of Travel Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750988..
670 грн.
Gelert Double Mosquito Net
Gelert Double Mosquito Net The Gelert Double Mosquito Net is perfect for all your travel adventures offering protection from mosquito and insects bites. This mosquito net is lightweight and ideally suited to a double camping bed. > Mosquito net > Protects against the smallest bugs > Inclu..
736 грн.
1 104 грн.
KENSINGTON Travel Adaptor
Kensington Travel Adaptor When travelling on holiday when thing you will need to pack if going abroad is a Kensington Travel Adaptor. This adaptor is all you will need as it can be used in over 150 countries and can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. > Travel adaptor > Can be used in 1..
870 грн.
1 288 грн.
Life Venture Large RFID Belt Pack
LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack With RFID chips becoming more and more implemented; the LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack is great for keeping high value RFID information like on band cards and passports safe! The compact design is well sized to accommodate all your essentials without causing exce..
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1 171 грн.
Kangol Cambridge Leather Washbag
Kangol Cambridge Washbag Head away with all of your bathroom must haves in this stylish Kangol Cambridge Washbag - crafted with two zip fastening compartments and a zipped front pocket, with a carry handle. Colour and texture contrasting panelling and a Kangol branding tab completes the look. >..
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1 714 грн.
Life Venture RFiD Hip Pack
Lifen RFiD Hip Pack This Lifen RFiD Hip Pack is the perfect choice when travelling, it is constructed with a tamper resistant zip security loop to prevent unwanted access from pick pockets. The main compartment uses RFiD blocking material, which acts a barrier to reduce the risk of data theft . &g..
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1 127 грн.

Enjoy your travels with the travel accessories from . Be well prepared for your holiday with our range of travel accessories We have travel wallets to hold your important travel documents, padlocks to secure your belongings and the essential plus adapters for electrical goods. Our travel accessories will make your travels easier. The great quality travel accessories are made by excellent brands such as Dunlop and Life Venture Don’t forget to check out the luggage and suitcases range to keep all your essentials safe and secure.

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