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Здравствуйте Ольга. На длину стопы 25 см Вам нужно брать 6-й размер... ...»
Какой размер подойдет на стопу 25 см?.. ...»
Какой размер подойдет на длину стопы 25 см?.. ...»
Размерная линейка идеально подошла. При заказе всё доступно и приятно объяснили, через СМС отправлял.. ...»
Большемерят минимум на размер. Заказывали жене, она носит обувь размеры 38,5-39, в том числе сейчас .. ...»
На перший погляд добротне взуття, випробую в Карпатах відпишу більше. Дякую магазину за докладну інф.. ...»
Все по честному. Заказал 43 размер на свои 27,5см подошло идеально. Белые смотрятся классно. Я довол.. ...»
Штаны удобные, хорошие. Но! Я выбирал 100% хлопок, что на витрине и написано. Но когда смотрел.. ...»

Аксессуары для животных

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Mega Value Rufus Sport Dog Food
Rufus Sport Dog Food Specially formulated for working and sporting dogs, Rufus Sport Dog Food gives the precise mix of vitamins, minerals, meats and cereals to maintain energy levels. This advanced nutrition helps boosts immunity, aids digestion and gives a great energy release through oils, fats ..
51 грн.
Mega Value Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush
Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush This Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush is ideal for all feeders especially tubular styles, the long flexible shaft makes cleaning easy, now even longer for the taller feeders, also includes a small brush in the handle for intricate areas such as feeding ports. > Bird feeder ..
102 грн.
Mega Value Countryside Wild Bird Peanuts
Countryside Wild Bird Peanuts Attract an array of wild birds to your garden with these premium Countryside Wild Bird Peanuts. Place these peanuts on a suitable feeder or platform so that birds can get to them easily. > Peanuts > Attract wild birds > Premium branded > 400gFor our full r..
102 грн.
Mega Value Deluxe Round Pet Bowl
Deluxe Round Pet Bowl Make sure your pets get the best possible with the Deluxe Round Pet Bowl! The design is made from high quality materials to ensure a long life span and the best experience that can be provided for your pet. The Smooth feel and rounded edges allow for a safe and welcoming feel..
117 грн.
Mega Value Cat Collar
Soft Cat Collar Dress your little friend to impress and help make them stand out with the Soft Cat Collar! The Soft Cat Collar is a must have for making your pet know its loved and has a home while, the soft touch makes for a comfort fit alongside the easy adjusting design. Complete with a small b..
132 грн.
Mega Value Cat Play Ball
Cat Play Ball The Cat Play Ball is great fun for your cat, its double action play ball gives good stimulation and will keep your beloved cat entertained for hours. > Cat toy > Double action ball > Plastic construction > Bell noise maker > Item may slightly vary from image shown For ..
132 грн.
Mega Value Countryside Dried Mealworms
Countryside Dried Mealworms These Countryside Dried Mealworms are an irresistible additive free treat for wild birds. Attracts a variety of wild birds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Serve as they are our soak them in warm water for around 15 minutes until soft to make them more appeal..
132 грн.
Mega Value Countryside No Mess Mix
Countryside No Mess Mix This specialist sourced Countryside No Mess Mix is perfect for all year round feeding for a variety of wild birds. IT is ideal to be used in a hanging seed feeder, table feeder or ground feeder. By feeding wild birds you can help them survive and take pleasure in watching t..
132 грн.
Mega Value Plastic Dual Feeder
Plastic Dual Feeder Make sure you help out your home birds with the Plastic Dual Feeder! The design can be used to both, store food for easy access and feeding as well as natural fibre to aid birds in building nests. Finished with a high quality construction to keep the Plastic Dual Feeder working..
132 грн.
Mega Value Rosewood Small Animal Nibbles
Rosewood Small Animal Nibbles Rodents and rabbits love to chew on these Rosewood Small Animal Nibbles because it relieves boredom and also helps to wear their growing teeth down. The nibbles are constructed with pet-safe wood and colours and come in a pack of three assorted designs. > Small pet..
132 грн.
Mega Value Wild Bird Fat Ball Feeder
Wild Bird Fat Ball Feeder This bird feeder is built to hold fat balls to attract all kinds of wild birds into your garden. It's caged design means that the birds can hold on to the feeder to eat. The feeder holds at least three fat balls so that there is plenty of food for the birds. Hang the fat ..
132 грн.
Mega Value Chewy Yumbonez
Chewy Yumbonez If its a tasty treat or snack your dog needs make sure its the Chewy Yumbonez! The Chewy Yumbonez offers a nutritious and super tasty delight for any dog to enjoy one bite at a time. The meaty and natural flavours will have your dog jumping for joy and wanting more. Finished with an..
139 грн.
Mega Value Chicken Gnawler Bone
Chicken Gnawler Bone If its a tasty treat or snack your dog needs make sure its the Chicken Gnawler Bone! The Chicken Gnawler Bone offers a nutritious and super tasty delight for any dog to enjoy one bite at a time. The meaty and natural flavours will have your dog jumping for joy and wanting more..
139 грн.
Mega Value Gnawler Bone Mixed Case
Gnawler Bone Mixed Case If its a tasty treat or snack your dog needs make sure its the Gnawler Bone Mixed Case! The Gnawler Bone Mixed Case offers a nutritious and super tasty delight for any dog to enjoy one bite at a time. The meaty and natural flavours will have your dog jumping for joy and wan..
139 грн.
Mega Value Jerky Meaty Strips
Jerky Meaty Strips Provide your dog with a tasty and enjoyable treat with the Jerky Meaty Strips! The premium dog treat will be sure to provide your dog with an exciting time as it tries to hack away at the tough yet delicious meaty snack. Finished with a high protein content and 100% meat and der..
139 грн.
Mega Value Lint Roller 10m Clipstrip
Lint Roller 10m Clipstrip Make sure you can keep your clothes tidy and clean with comfort and ease using the Lint Roller 10m Clipstrip! The design features a a super strong adhesive top layer fro easy removal of dirt, hair and dust from the upper surface of clothes to leave a clean and well presen..
139 грн.
Mega Value Meaty Natural Earz
Meaty Natural Earz These Meaty Natural Earz are the perfect treat for your dog and benefit form being high in protein. > Dog Treat > Pack of 3 > Real ears > High in protein For our full range of Mega Value Pets visit birka.clubProduct code: 963492..
139 грн.
Mega Value Smoked Meaty Natural Earz
Smoked Meaty Natural Earz Make your dogs day with these Smoked Meaty Natural Earz which are high in protein and the smoked flavour makes them extra delicious. > Dog Treats > Real ears > Smoked and meaty > Pack of 3 For our full range of Mega Value Pets visit birka.clubProduct code: 963..
139 грн.
Mega Value Cat Ball Feather64
Product code: 968431..
146 грн.
Mega Value Country Value Beef Flavour Dog Food
Country Value Beef Flavour Dog Food This Country Value Beef Flavour Dog Food is a complete dry, nutritionally balanced feed specially formulated for adult working dogs. A blend of carefully selected proteins provide amino acids for muscle development and growth. Cooked cereals provide carbohydrate..
146 грн.
Mega Value Hand Lead
Rubber Hand Lead Rubber Hand Lead is the perfect choice when taking your beloved dog a walk , styled with a woven lead that features a rubber handle detail to give you custom fit to your hand which is comfortable to use. > Dog lead > Woven lead > Rubber handle > Clasp fastening > Le..
146 грн.
Mega Value Options Claw Trimmers
Options Claw Trimmers Ensure your pets nails are at a comfortable length with these Options Claw Trimmers, which have an ergonomic design to supply excellent control and precise trimming. > Pet Nail Trimmers > Easy to control for precise trimming > Stainless steel blades For our full rang..
146 грн.
Mega Value Rosewood Tree Grab Toy
Rosewood Tree Grab Toy Take this cute Christmas themed Rosewood Tree Grab Toy home for fin and play. The toy is a plush construction and contains enticing catnip for hours of feline fun. It's the perfect present for your pet this Christmas. > Cat toy > Plush construction > Contains catnip..
146 грн.
Unbranded Waste Bag Refills
Doggy Waste Bag Refills The Doggy Waste Bag Refills come with three refill rolls for the doggy waste kit. > Refill for doggy waste kit > Three rolls > Each roll contains 20 bags For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 970242..
146 грн.
Unbranded Waste Pickup Kit
Doggy Waste Pickup Kit The Doggy Waste Pickup Kit is perfect to grab and take with you on walks, featuring a moulded plastic bone carry case for the roll with a clip to the top that allows it to be easily fastened to a lead, belt or collar. > Dog waste kit > Moulded plastic bone holder > ..
146 грн.
Mega Value Hazelnut Bark Bites
Hazelnut Bark Bites Brighten your pets day with this Hazelnut Bark Bites which help to wear growing teeth, whilst also being a source of beneficial fibre and phytochemicals which can help your pets digestion. > Hazlenut Bark Bites > High fibre and phytochemical content > Ideal for rabbits..
183 грн.
Mega Value Stainless Steel  Deluxe Bowl
Stainless Steel Deluxe Bowl This Stainless Steel Deluxe Bowl, features a stainless steel construction for long lasting durability. > Dog Bowl > Stainless steel construction For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 963029..
183 грн.
Mega Value Feeding Fork
Feeding Fork This feeding fork is perfect for serving your pets tinned food , with its plastic construction it allows for an easy clean and a paw motif on the end of which can be used to be hooked up away or stored with your other pet accessories. This fork is crafted with 3 prong which one is als..
165 грн.
Mega Value Optional Soft Pin Slicker Brush
Optional Soft Pin Slicker Brush Make sure you care for your pet the best you can with the help of the Optional Soft Pin Slicker Brush! The brush is designed to help remove dead or matted fur and hair within your pets coat but, with a more gentle and soothing touch for greater comfort. Finished wit..
165 грн.
Mega Value Pet Lint Roller
Pet Lint Roller This Pet Lint Roller quickly removes pet hair from clothes, furniture and car seats. This roller can be used over and over as you peel the used layer off to reveal a brand new clean sticker layer and when these run out you can simply buy a refill roll and slip it on this holder. T..
165 грн.
Mega Value Pond Nature Range
Pond Nature Range Find a full range of pond and fish feed and must haves in this Pond Nature Range. > Pond sticks > For all coldwater pond fish > Floating > Highly digestible > Contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals > 750g > Koi sticks > For Koi and all pond fi..
165 грн.
Mega Value Pork Crunch
Pork Crunch Extra Select 100% Pure Pork Crunch is a Natural complementary pet food. These can be used as a treat or reward for good behaviour. > 30g packFor our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 964171..
165 грн.
Mega Value Tennis Ball On Rope
Tennis Ball On Rope Have hours of fun with your dog with this Tennis Ball on Rope, with its bright construction that features a felted tennis ball. This toy is perfect for playing chase, throw , catch and fetch and also for stimulating your beloved dog. > Dog toy > Felt tennis ball > Rope..
165 грн.
Mega Value Woodies Caterpillar
Woodies Caterpillar This wooden caterpillar is stimulating fun for rabbits, hamsters and other small animals and is great for pets to toss and gnaw. The toy is made of wooden components that are great to boredom bust and active pet. > Pet toy > Wooden construction > Suitable for small pet..
165 грн.
Unbranded Collar 2.0 x 46cms
Dog Collar 2.0 x 46cms Perfect for mans best friend is this Dog Collar 2.0 x 46cms designed with a polka dot design for a stylish look for your canine. Its buckle fastening ensures a secure fit around your beloved dogs neck. > Dog collar > Woven outer detail > Polka dot design > Buckle..
165 грн.
Unknown Chew Ring Dog Toy
Dental Chew Ring Dog Toy The Dental Chew Ring Dog Toy is sure to give your pooch hours of fun, crafted with a flexible and textured ring that is designed to keep your dogs teeth healthy and clean. > Chew ring > Textured > Flexible > Please note this toy is not indestructibleFor our ful..
165 грн.
Unknown Collar 1.5 x 36cms
Dog Collar 1.5 x 36cms Perfect for mans best friend is this Dog Collar 1.5 x 36cms, designed with a polka dot design for a stylish look for your canine. Its buckle fastening ensures a secure fit around your beloved dogs neck. > Dog collar > Woven outer detail > Polka dot design > Buckl..
165 грн.
Unknown Touch 2 Pack Sponge Dog Balls
Pet Touch 2 Pack Sponge Dog Balls The Pet Touch 2 Pack Sponge Dog Balls are perfect for play time with your pooch, featuring a durable sponge construction, completed with a football style print. > Dog toy > Sponge construction > Football pattern > Pack of 2For our full range of Mega Va..
165 грн.
Mega Value Double Sided Comb
Double Sided Comb This Double Sided Comb is ideal for all over grooming of cats and dogs. It helps to remove knots, dead hair and tangles. It also stimulates their skin and distributes natural oils to their coat resulting in them looking shiny and healthy. The brush features a pinned side that unt..
220 грн.
Mega Value Poochy Cream Biscuit Dog Toy
Poochy Cream Biscuit Dog Toy Give your dog hours of fun with this Poochy Cream Biscuit Dog Toy, featuring a built in squeaker which is sure to excite your dog as well as a colourful design for a great look. > Dog Toy > Dog friendly design > Biscuit design > Colourful > Built in sque..
220 грн.
Mega Value Rosewood 5 in 1 Laser Cat Toy
Rosewood 5 in 1 Laser Cat Toy Treat your beloved for legged friend this festive season with this Rosewood 5 in 1 Laser Cat Toy. A fun toy for cats to chase, jump and leap after Christmas themed laser lights, encouraging hours of interactive play. > Cat toy > 5 in 1 laser > Projects Christ..
220 грн.
Mega Value Rosewood Natural Fruit Tree
Rosewood Natural Fruit Tree Treat your fury friend this Christmas with this Rosewood Natural Fruit Tree. The treat is in a Christmas tree shape and is dressed with tasty mountain bilberries, apple and coconut. Simply hang this tree to provide your pet with an added challenge, a seasonal delight fo..
220 грн.
Mega Value Shrimp Cookies
Shrimp Cookies These Shrimp Cookies are whole baked cookies packed with your pets favourite seed, nuts and the shrimps ad an extra little treat. > Shrimp Cookies > Perfect for hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 963078..
220 грн.
Mega Value Woodies Play Carrots
Woodies Play Carrots These Woodies Play Carrots are ideal for rabbits hamsters and other rodents not only to enjoy but to benefit from being able to gnaw wood. These Carrots have been constructed from pet safe wood and are idea to refill your carrot tray. > Pet Toy > Fun gnaws > Pet safe ..
220 грн.
Mega Value Beef Bone
Beef Bone Treat your dog to this Beef Bone which is a nylon construction that is flavoured with a yummy beef flavour. Designed to satisfy your dogs natural instinct to gnaw it helps to keep their teeth clean and massage gums. > Bone > Beef flavour > Nylon construction > Massages gums &..
161 грн.
Mega Value Bon Bon Cat Balls
Bon Bon Cat Balls These Bon Bon Cat Balls, feature a a bright and colourful design and have been filled with premium cat nip to keep your cat entertained for hours. > Bon Bon Cat Balls > Bright and colourful > Filled with cat nip For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct cod..
161 грн.
Mega Value Melamine Single Bowl
Melamine Single Bowl Perfect for feeding your pet dog is this Melamine Single Bowl, which is constructed with melamine and features silicone gripped bottom for anti slip design. > Bowl > Melamine construction > Silicone gripped bottom > Handle for easy pick up For our full range of Pet..
161 грн.
Mega Value Mint Ring Dog Chew
Mint Ring Dog Chew Treat your dog with this Mint Ring Dog Chew a super tough ring to strengthen their teeth and improve there gums. This toy satisfies your dogs natural instinct to gnaw which helps to keep teeth clean and massages gums. > Dog chew > Easy to clean > Super tough > 100% n..
161 грн.
Mega Value Vinyl Toothbrush Dog Toy
Vinyl Toothbrush Dog Toy Give your dog hours of fun with this Vinyl Toothbrush Dog Toy with a soft touch latex construction making it durable yet safe for your pet. Finished off with a toothbrush like resemblance, flexible design and textured surface for a great look and to keep your dog entertain..
161 грн.
Mega Value Mini Sisal Carrots
Mini Sisal Carrots Treat your little pet with these Mini Sisal Carrots which are ideal for your little pets such as rabbits and rats. These come in a pack of six. > Pet toy > Include pack of 6 > Carrot design For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 963067..
178 грн.
Mega Value Cat Collar
Cat Collar Capture your cat’s personality perfectly with one of these eye-catching Cat Collar! Each collar is made from soft, comfortable, and durable materials and incorporates an interesting design or style. The safety buckle feature will give you piece of mind, as it is specifically designed to..
181 грн.
Mega Value Dog Fashion Collar
Dog Fashion Collar The design of Dog Fashion Collar is the perfect accessory for your pooch! The wide band design and fully adjustable design allows for a comfort and unrestricting fit for your dog to prevent discomfort and any pain. Featuring an easy close buckle fastening and a metal D-ring for ..
181 грн.
Mega Value Jungle Print Cat Collar
Jungle Print Cat Collar Get a stylish look for your pet with this Jungle Print Cat Collar, an adjustable collar with a modern design. Premium comfort for your feline friend with a quick release buckle for safety and a loud removable bell so you know when they're near. This collar is compatible wit..
181 грн.
Mega Value Select Wood Shavings
Select Wood Shavings Healthy and hygienic natural pet bedding suitable for chickens, rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and chinchillas. > Soft and comfortable > Natural Odour Control > Dust Extracted > Absorbent For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 964..
191 грн.
Unbranded Tree Dog Treats
Tasty Tree Dog Treats The Tasty Tree Treats are a perfect festive treat for your pooch, featuring Christmas tree shapes in a range of colours. > Dog treats > To be used as part of a balanced diet > 500g > Composition: Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal derivative..
197 грн.
Mega Value Latex Spot Fish Dog Toy
Latex Spot Fish Dog Toy This Latex Spot Fish Dog Toy provides ultimate play and great fun for dogs and owners, the funky coloured fish shaped design keeps your dog interested so its ideal for frequent use, chase, throw, fetch, catch and have fun with your dog with this toy for hours. > Dog toy ..
198 грн.

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