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Автомобильные аксессуары

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 Stanford Home Love Heart Air Freshener
Love Heart Air Freshener Add a burst of fruity sweetness to your car with the Love Heart Air Freshener, available in a range of scents of your favourite love heart sweets, featuring an easy to hang hook to the back that allows for easy placement anywhere in your car. > Air freshener > 3D gel..
74 грн.
111 грн.
 Mega Value Fruit Shaped Car Air Freshener
Fruit Shaped Car Air Freshener Make sure your car is always left smelling great and refreshing with the Fruit Shaped Car Air Freshener! The design has a great unique design sure to provide a fantastic look in any car while, the strong and complimenting scent helps to provide a great complimenting ..
134 грн.
 Mega Value De Icer 400ml
Mega Value De Icer 400ml A must have for any car driver in the Winter months is this Mega Value De Icer 400ml. It offers fast and effective removal of ice, frost and snow from windscreens. It can also free frozen locks immediately. > De Icer > Fast and effective > Removes ice , frost and ..
141 грн.
 Mega Value Ashtray Cup Holder
Ashtray Cup Holder Use this Ashtray Cup Holder whilst driving to keep your car clean and tidy free from ash from your cigarettes. The ashtray is a plastic construction with three grooves for holding your cigarettes and has a lid that makes it easy to extinguish and a hole to dispose of any used ci..
148 грн.
 Ice Breaker Scraper
Ice Scraper With this ice scraper you can comfortably scrape away all of that ice on a frosty winter morning. The padded handle add comfort to you while using this Ice Scraper. The reinforced plastic blade simply destroys through the ice. > Ice scraper > Foam padded handle > Clear plastic..
149 грн.
201 грн.
 Mega Value Auto Care Universal Emergency Fuel Cap
Auto Care Universal Emergency Fuel Cap Make sure that you consider every possibility and have the essentials on hand ready! The Auto Care Universal Emergency Fuel Cap is one you should always keep tucked away safe to stop you being left short. > Auto Care Universal Emergency Fuel Cap > Auto ..
149 грн.
 Mega Value Car Air Freshener
Drumstick Car Air Freshener The Drumstick Car Air Freshener is great for adding a burst of bright and welcoming scent that reminds you of some of your favourite treats! Easy to hang and immediately effective the Drumstick Car Air Freshener delivers a welcome burst of scent to any car. > Drumsti..
149 грн.
 Mega Value In Car Bag Holder
In Car Bag Holder This In Car Bag Holder, is ideal for hanging sopping bags an much more with its plastic construction and its attachment to the head rest. > In Car Bag Holder > Plastic construction For our full range of Mega Value Homeware visit birka.clubProduct code: 964005..
222 грн.
 Mega Value Microfibre Wash and Scrub Sponge
Microfibre Wash and Scrub Sponge The Microfibre Wash and Scrub Sponge is great for getting an overall and dependable deep clean! The Microfibre Wash and Scrub Sponge has a half and half contruction to allow easy switching between tasks and application of the most relevant surface. Complete with a ..
222 грн.
 Mega Value 2in1 Microfibre Cloth
2in1 Microfibre Cloth This 2in1 Microfibre Cloth has been specially manufactured to give the ultimate streak free finish to glass and other smooth surfaces. Use the dense side to dry or with chemical cleaners for stubborn stains and once removed, use the fine side dry to polish and shine to leave ..
223 грн.
 Mega Value Microfibre Buffing Towel
Microfibre Buffing Towel This Microfibre Buffing Towel is manufactured with wedge shape filaments that lift and attract dirt, moisture and dust particles. Normal fabrics will not do this, they will simply push the particles around causing streaks and smears. This product is one of the most effecti..
223 грн.
 Mega Value Pongo Smiley Car Air Freshener
Pongo Smiley Car Air Freshener The Pongo Smiley Car Air Fresheners are a must to keep any car smelling welcoming and delightful! Long lasting and beautifully scented this is the perfect match for any car. > Pongo Smiley Car Air Freshener > Pongo branding > 3 Pack > Mix of scents > E..
223 грн.
 Team Car Mini Kit
Club Car Mini Kit This Club Car Mini Kit is a perfect way to show your support whilst on the road. > Car Mini Kit > Official merchandise For our full range of Car Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 845111..
223 грн.
201 грн.
 Mega Value AutoCare Rear View Mirror Bond
AutoCare Rear View Mirror Bond Keep your car looking great and well maintained with the AutoCare Rear View Mirror Bond! Specially formulated the AutoCare Rear View Mirror Bond is perfect for attaching rear view mirrors to windscreens. > AutoCare Rear View Mirror Bond > AutoCare branding >..
163 грн.
 Gilbert Car Dangle Set
Gilbert Car Dangle Set Accessorise your car with these Gilbert Car Dangle Set which are a lightweight construction that is designed as a replica rugby ball. Its features branding from the Rugby World Cup 2015 and Gilbert branding. > Dangle set > Lightweight > Replica rugby ball design >..
201 грн.
316 грн.
 Mega Value Rubber Curved Wiper Blade
Rubber Curved Wiper Blade This Rubber Curved Wiper Blade, features natural soft rubber with a curved design for for great precision. > Rubber Curved Wiper Blade > Natural soft rubber > Curved design > Aero-dynamic design > Long lasting For our full range of Car Accessories visit bir..
267 грн.
 Mega Value Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge
Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge The design of the Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge makes it super easy and efficient to use roadside or anywhere else! A tyre pressure gauge can be an essential item to have in order to keep you safe and ensure your car is running smoothly. Complete with a digital gauge for ..
334 грн.
 Mega Value AutoCare Tyre Service Kit
AutoCare Tyre Service Kit Easy to use with accurate reading the AutoCare Tyre Service Kit is perfect for keeping on top of your car maintenance! The AutoCare Tyre Service Kit contains all you need to accurately read your tyre pressure and depth to help keep you safe and running efficient. > Aut..
402 грн.
 Mega Value Phone Charger Multi Kit
Phone Charger Multi Kit Make sure you're always contactable with this Phone Charger Multi Kit to ensure you never run out of charge on your phone whilst you're on the move. The car charger features three interchangeable cables to fit a number of phones, whilst the charging unit itself features a r..
468 грн.
 Unknown Car Mat Blk 00
Product code: 978489..
536 грн.
 Mega Value Booster Cushion
Booster Cushion This Booster Cushion is a premium quality child booster seat. This booster seat is suitable for children for children from 15-36kg and falls in to group 2 and 3 finsihed off with Streetwize branding for a great look. > Car seat > Universal design > Unisex design > Group..
669 грн.
Kensington Power Bolt Never be without battery charge again for your smartphone with this Kensington Power Bolt. Simply connect it to the cigarette port. > Power Bolt > 3.4 dual car charger > 2.4/ 12W USB port > Auto Detects for fast charging > 1.0A / 5W Micro USB Connection > Ke..
670 грн.
945 грн.
 Mega Value Car Jump Start Kit
Car Jump Start Kit This Car Jump Start Kit charges a flat batter in minutes without the need to open your car bonnet thanks to the 12v power socket connection for both cars. > Car Starter Set > Charges from 12v power sockets > No need to open car bonnet > Charges a flat battery in minu..
937 грн.

Get all the car accessories you need like car flags, air fresheners and car mats. Our durable, excellent quality and practical car accessories will give you that extra driving edge.

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